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Hybrid Mobile App Development Services

As the name suggests, hybrid apps offer the best of both – native and web – worlds to consumers. In the hybrid app development approach, the code is written in cross-platform web technologies (JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS), along with access to native features as per requirement. This enables hybrid apps to leverage all the phone’s features such as accelerometers and camera which is not possible with web apps.

Some people still think native apps offer the best value to customers. While native apps do offer faster performance and speed as compared to hybrid and web apps, they are significantly more expensive and complex to develop and manage. The native apps need to be rewritten every time for different platforms. Thus, the road to market is a lot longer in case of these apps. As far as web apps are concerned, they do not match up to the performance of native and hybrid apps, but are a lot easier and cost-effective to develop. No wonder then that hybrid mobile apps increasingly seem to the preferred way out for customers.

Services & Solutions:

  • 1. Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • 2. Hybrid Mobile App Design
  • 3. PhoneGap Development
  • 4. AngularJS Development
  • 5. Node.js Development
  • 6. Cross-platform Development
  • 7. HTML5 Development

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